Testimony from Russia

In the exciting moment when my Regina wins a Dog Show, I recall Allevamento del Gheno, with great love and gratitude. I am the owner but this is our common victory.
For over 30 years they have been selecting all the best in their mastinos, and as a result I’ve got the completed masterpiece of MASTINO called Gaia Del Gheno, daughter of Mister del Gheno and Nora del Gheno, and Gaia Del Gheno blessed me with the Regina. She does just great in dog exhibitions for the whole time, never showing even a sign of fatigue; her movement is fantastic and full of energy, due to her power, stamina, courage and her strong bones and muscles. Many judges and visitors just could not believe their eyes watching that a mastino can move so well and is so beautiful!
Thank you, my favourite kennel Allevamento Del Gheno, for the healthy and beautiful dogs!
I wish you health and wealth, prosperity and benevolence!
Larissa and Alexander (Russia)


© Allevamento Del Gheno