Testimony from Mexico

A few years ago I was looking to get a really good male and i did start looking for options, I make a few phone calls but I didn't get a good answer.
Some of the people I did talk to were very special or rude.
Couple of days after I saw a picture of Ares del Gheno and I did fall in love, that very same day I made a phone call to Allevamento del Gheno and I did found something very different from the other places I did call.
First I found a very good treatment, I could tell that this people were serious, people that is interested in the breed and in the good breeding.
In the talk they told me, you will find with us what are you looking for and then we close the deal.
I told them what I was looking for and from which litter i did want my pup, the litter wasn't born yet but I did know that I had make a good selection.

Almost four months after this I made a fly to meet them and they had open the doors of his house in a very friendly way. Meet them was a very good experience, I did meet Guiliano, Anna Rosa and Renato, a very good family, crazy about mastini, I have seen and played with all his dogs, and I could tell that I had made the best choice, and I haven't meet my pup yet.
After this I could saw a very massive, big head pup walking all over the place and Renato told me: he was Ugo del Gheno and that he was my pup.
As soon I saw him I did fall in love, Ugo was a mastino in all extension of the word.

I'm very happy for getting Ugo from Allevamento del Gheno and for meeting all the Gheno's family I've found  a great breeder and very good friends.
After a year Ugo became junior Mexican champion, Mexican champion and panamerican champion, best mastino of the year 2013 and he is waiting for his international champion, and he is missing two point for the latinamerican champion.

Every morning that I see him running to me I can feel his power, his friendship, his love. He is a great mastino and I feel lucky to have him, I thank Allevamento del gheno for trusting me and gave me such a beautiful dog.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.
by Gerardo (Mexico)


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