Testimony from Italy

My name is Nunzio, i'm from Naples and since my childhood i've been interested and in love of this wonderful breed. Finally one day i decided it was time for me to make me a gift, and i really wanted a Neapolitan Mastiff. After seeking all around I've been pleased to know and meet Allevamento del gheno, even if, instead of kennel, i would call them my friends from del gheno... So kind people and serious about the breed, truly available since the very first moment and still now after time... I have three kids and i was a bit concerned to keep this dog at home, but believe me, the dog must be kept very close. We all have had great satisfactions and big emotions, at home and in the show biz, and he, Apollo del gheno, has become immediately a member of our family, my fourth child :)
Thank you friend at the Allevamento del gheno, for your friendship and your dedication".

Nunzio (Italy)


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