Testimony from Italy

When I knew that Renato was collecting the reviews of the people around the world that dealt with delgheno kennel I offered myself to give my contribution because I’d like further customers to be aware of the real quality of the delgheno kennel.
I have known the Gheno family for 5 years and I’ve had the opportunity to look closely at many of their last successes!
Among them there is also my Napoleone Del Gheno, who is the wonderful mastino I got from them. I am very proud and feel honoured of being the owner of such an important dog: he is the father of lots of champions around the world -he gained the title of reproductive champion!- and he’s a real Neapolitan mastiff whose typical beauty reflects in the head, the wrinkles and in the statuesque perfection of the body. What instead distinguishes him from all the mastinos I’ve ever seen is the elegance and the gracefulness with which he moves, he’s amazing! However, what make me most satisfied with him are his attitude and his temperament: he’s a true guardian and a sweetheart who loves cuddling and playing. He’s my big love! And I will never thanks delgheno kennel enough for such a mastino and for all the support they gave me when he arrives to my home and I got started with him -I have never had a mastino before-!
Since I know that just one experience may be not enough to certify the quality of a breeder I just like to tell something more. I live just few kilometres from delgheno kennel, so at least once a week I go and visit the family and the dogs. Everytime I go there what I see is beautiful mastinos that are literally in love with the breeders, that live in wide dry doghouses always clean and tidy (and when I say clean and dry I mean they’re literally aseptic) and I often see mastinos free to run in the limitless garden hanging out and playing together. I know each of them and I always have to greet everyone because it’s easy to fall in love with them! What I see when I go there is also great dedication to the continuous enhancement of this amazing breed and true passion behind all that total commitment.
Thanks to Giuliano, Anna Rosa and Renato for the excellent work they’re carrying on!


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