Testimony from Holland

Having mastino's already, we were looking for another female to complete our family. We gathered a lot of information about top-breeders but were adviced by an expert to go to Allevamento Del Gheno. 
January 2013 our girl Fendi del Gheno was born. Finally we could pick her up in april and we couldn't wait to see her!
I was picked up at the hotel by Mr Gheno and his son Renato. I was invited at their house where I had a warm welcome and a great lunch with Mr and Mrs Gheno and their children. It was a great experience to walk around at their beautiful kennels, see all the dogs and play with them. It was a wonderful trip and I can't wait to go back! Fendi is a real diva, who is very playful and has a great personality. After "Best baby" and "Best Puppy" she is now "Dutch Youth Champion" and this summer in Helsinki she will win the title "Youth Champion of the World" for sure! We a very pleased with our Gheno Mastino and our next Mastino will be a Gheno dog as well...


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