Testimony from Belgium

We would like to thank Allevamento del gheno for many reasons: When we have visited the kennel we have noticed the italian hospitality, and we really liked it! We also liked that we were able to come and get first choice on the males. We bought Isacco del gheno as a show dog and stud. He has already proven with lot of success his quality to show: he started to go in the rings very soon, he gots lots of best of breed, as well as best of group and also best in show junion! Isacco is also a very social dog, a truly wonderful character. Different people (and judges) have also noticed that he has a sublime movement and immediately recognized the kennel where he comes from..
So we are very happy to have him with us and hope in the future to have more fun with him and if we will get a new dog we will certainly think of Allevamento del gheno!

Hans and Giovanni (Belgium)


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